Ahsen Qazi is a motivational and leadership speaker certified by “Directive Communication International (DCI)”, ranked 8th in World in leadership programs, Accredited by the American Institute of Business Psychology. His Goal is to make you a better leader, so that you can achieve your goals faster.
His journey as a speaker started once he rediscovered himself by facing a near death experience of falling down a mountain. The fall taught him many things about life and himself. By using those lessons he has prepared Leadership and Team building programs to excel in life.
Being an avid sportsman and playing tennis throughout his life, he has brought lessons from the playground to the work arena; by applying these lessons to the work environment you can have fun and productivity at the same time.
He has been featured speaker at Kula Lampur Business Conference - KLIBEL; in addition he has delivered talks at NU-Fast-Islamabad, National Defense University (NDU) Islamabad. He has also been featured on “Roze TV” as an “Expert analyst” on “Economy and Business”. He has also written two books on Entrepreneurship and achieving success in business. He has carried out consulting and training with different companies in private sector and Government sector"
The website includes useful information in the form of articles, videos; eBooks etc. please share them with individuals or companies who might benefit from the material.
Muhammad Ahsen Qazi

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